Health & education of individual in any society are the measures of development. How much a society or the nation is developed is expressed in health & education or its citizen. The present organization “VANI” is launched by some enthusiastic youths of Bihar in 1999 to provide education & health services to the children of impoverished class, Laborers & unemployed youths of SC & BC class. And some how was registered under society act in 12 Aug.2002.

VANI was started on 2000,14 August with 10 children, 2 teachers under a Banyan Tree and an investment of Rs 1500/- by 16 founding members with the mission of establishing Pre school education program. This was the initial programme we have dreamed to enable it in a remote and backward Panchayat .

By 2001 this number jumped to 53 with 3 teachers undertaking primary education in evening part time program under the roof of government primary school building with an annual budget of Rs 40,000

Since then it has been a long journey in the course of which a number of activities and units have got added.

VANI, is a social organization or unique enterprises, a project dedicated to the upliftment of the society. It is demonstrating the empowerment real education can confer to the unprivileged children.

The concept behind...
It is the idea of unity in any sense of the words : on the level of the individual, the unity of body and mind and the integration of all aspects of our inner world; in terms of society, the transcendence of the borders we artificially create along the lines of gender and religion, family and class, race and nationality. It is the unity which offers the only answer to overcoming the painful division which wreak havoc on humanity and cause the individual unspeakable pain & confusion. The inspiration for starting these services came from a well know spiritual master. Our techniques to educate the children are geared towards teaching children not only to gain mastery over external reality but moreover to become familiar with the enjoy their internal reality.