At present the organization is running some education, vocational centers for “Harizen” and Backward Class and people who are below poverty line.

These centers are :

  • Vani educational centers ( Bhartiya Gyan Niketan ) at village Ilara, Bodh Gaya ( since 2000 Jan. till now ).
  • Vani educational & Vocational centers, Bodh Gaya, Near Korea temple ( Temporary closed )
  • Vani Kids garden Khurhan, Madhepura ( 2003 till now )

Now, after overcoming countless difficulties, the fruits of its endeavors are obvious to everyone. Where it was hard in the beginning to find families willing to send their offspring to the school, parents now have to be turned away because the present facilities don't allow the acceptance of additional children. Within a short period of three years and at the time of writing, our society has enrolled more then 400 pupils. Children who otherwise would have hardly any chance in his life to receive any education are now taken care of in an admirably holistic way.