Vani Youth Forum ( Dwelling the heart of youths in town ) (2002 to till now)

Highly educated & qualified youths of Gaya, Bodh Gaya & other district of Bihar are providing services without any cost. They are spiritually very advance & have deep interest in social services. VYFS youths are being trained by the very advanced and qualified youth of other organization those are devoted themselves in social works in early . VYF is solid team of 150 students. VYF with the relation of other Youth Forum conducts :

  • Educational and training programs in colleges throughout Gaya, Bodh Gaya, Patna & some other parts of Bihar.
  • Weekly or monthly ( as possible ) seminar on meditation, mind control and stress management.
  • Executive development programs in Banks & Corporates on stress management, Fraud Prevention, Ethics, etc.
  • SHG ( Self Help Groups ) - Vani has designed a special SHG for the moral & material development of those youngsters who don't have the facilities to uplift themselves in this fast running world. The VYF, up to now helped more than 20 youths to establish themselves in many small business, forming another entrepreneur.

Now VYF, has got more the 500 youths & students around the area as a member & volunteers.

Educational Camp for Child Laborers and Illiterate Woman ( 2001-03 )
Child Laborers and Illiterate women, too, are given unheard of opportunities at night school or in the village to learn helpful skills, acquire important knowledge, and grows as individuals. VYF volunteers participate & perform free services in such types of free educational camps. We have camped in many villages of Gaya, Saharsa and conducts a night school in our regular school building.

school health initiative & health promoting schools:

  • Fosters health and learning with all the measures at its disposal.
  • Engages health and education officials, teachers, teachers' unions, students, parents, health providers and community leaders in efforts to make the school a healthy place.
  • Strives to provide a healthy environment, school health education, and school health services along with school/community projects and outreach, health promotion programmes for staff, nutrition and food safety programmes, opportunities for physical education and recreation, and programmes for counselling, social support and mental health promotion.
  • Implements policies and practices that respect an individual's well being and dignity, provide multiple opportunities for success, and acknowledge good efforts and intentions as well as personal achievements.
  • Strives to improve the health of school personnel, families and community members as well as pupils; and works with community leaders to help them understand how the community contributes to, or undermines, health and education.

An effective school health programme can be one of the most cost effective investments a nation can make to simultaneously improve education and health. WHO promotes school health programmes as a strategic means to prevent important health risks among youth and to engage the education sector in efforts to change the educational, social, economic and political conditions that affect risk.

 Our strategies

  • Research to improve school health programmes: Evaluation research and expert opinion is analyzed and consolidated to describe the nature and effectiveness of school health programmes.

  • Building capacity to advocate for improved school health programmes: technical documents are generated that consolidate research and expert opinion about the nature, scope and effectiveness of school health programmes. Each advocacy document makes a strong case for addressing an important health problem, identifies components of a comprehensive school health programme, and provides guidance in integrating the issue into the components.

Food for Life ( Feeding the Masses ) ( 2003 till now )
We have started this programe after being inspires by ISKCON. This program e is not only the solution of temporary appetite of hunger, it makes a vast change for the permanent solution of appetite in mind, body & soul of individuals. Providing invaluable spiritual benefit while satisfying the pangs of hunger. In this program e, pure and well cooked, pure vegetarian and hygienic foods are providing to & among the villagers of backward rural areas.

Last year Vani distributed 25,000 plates of full meal and 50,000 cups of halva, milk & juice etc.

We have some more special activities

Our more special activities for a short time are, camp education & training, training in Kala Kshetra with the support of Escorts & Guides & some music and painting teachers. Awareness programe in bio-gas, solar energy, natural fertilizers etc. Training programe in camp for child Labour for carpentry, painting cooking & sewing etc.