Over the years we have been able to sustain and develop our services with the support of many friends, donors, trusts and foundations and leading corporations. We'd love your help. We need people who can work with us in a committed manner and with sustainable effort. Whatever you do, you'll be making the world - your world - more colorful, accessible, and enjoyable. We would love to expand our family, where we share our dream and strive to achieve it.

Ways you could help us

  • Sponsor a project
  • Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor a teacher's / therapistís salary
  • Sponsor rent of the premises
  • Help us in building our own institution.
  • Donate therapy equipment
  • Sponsor a conference or training program or assessment camps
  • Donate mini bus for school
  • Donate computers for school
  • Donate study material for school
  • Volunteer your time and skill (management, teachers, students, etc.)
  • Help us in planning fund raising programs

* All donations are exempt under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act *